Mar 23 2010 9:22 pm

operation uproot

The fishing has sucked lately.  But the food and the visitors and the beer have been pretty good.  A little Fantome with breakfast never hurt anyone.  Chris dropped by for a couple days and we ate and drank and played some guitar.  I might even post a movie of him playing some slide if I can get my crap ass computer to edit the HD footage from my new camera. 


In other news, I'm moving to Michigan in June.  I have five years of candidacy left to write my dissertation, and as much as I like running the fly shop at JL Waters, I'd rather guide steelhead and salmon and trout up north.  I'll be working for Indigo Guide Service.  If you know anyone who wants to book a trip with a foul mouthed pseudo-academic, let me know. 


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