Apr 25 2009 10:16 pm

Orvis and Indianer

Last night Justin and I went to Zionsville for the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  It sucked.  Very poorly executed by the hosts.  The venue was a giant, 1500 seat sterile high school auditorium with roughly 100 people in attendance.  There was no beer for sale.  We had to sit through a 20 minute slide show of pictures and ads twice.  The slide show was likely supposed to be played when people were filing into the theatre and at intermission, but we got to watch it in all its boring glory both after the introduction and after intermission.  There was much groaning.  Also, the second set of clips was played first, so that at the end, "intermission" showed on the screen.   


The biggest shit, though, was that most of the movies advertised as part of the tour were only shown as trailers, trailers that I had already watched online in anticipation of the event.  Why did I pay $12 to watch trailers I'd already seen?  Of course there were whole segments from Drift, Nervous Water, and Hustle and Fish.  There was also a trailer from Mikey Weir's movie, and a segment from Red Gold, both of which were not advertised as part of the tour.  There was also a segment from, perhaps, Connected, but it was unclear.  I would have liked to have seen more of Eastern Rises and Rivers of a Lost Coast.  I certainly resent paying to watch trailers I've already seen.    


The whole thing was a terrible waste of time.  Luckily, Justin knew of a good bar and pizza place on the north side of Indy which was vaguely on the way home.  The pizza was phenomenal.  The beer like balm on my tender wounded patience. 


Enough with the bitching and the moaning. 


The shop I run sells Orvis stuff.  I asked my rep for some rods for a demo day we're having May 3rd.  He sent them in three days.  He is the freaking man.  TFO was less accomodating.  I still have no idea if we're getting TFO rods. 


That is beside the point.  It was in the high 80s yesterday and today so of course I had to get out fishing.  Justin and I met Tim and Paul this afternoon and we each took a demo rod and tried to catch some base. 



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