Jul 12 2009 10:17 pm

Paul's report

Paul just got back from a trip out west and not only did he bring me a 6 pack of Red Lodge Ales he also "blew up my inbox" with a couple pictures. 


The Glacier ale is a fine, sturdy, pale brown beer with stiff hop bitterness and the dry crispness of a small addition of dark malts.  The Bent Nail IPA was very similar in color to the Glacier ale but with a good bit more body and sweetness and the hops to match.  Both were quite good.  Thanks Paul.  


I'm off to the Smokies for a couple days.  I plan to hit the new Cherokee "trophy" water and hopefully stick a few 22" stockers.  I'm also hiking into the mountains after some brookies with Richard Daniel Hanks III.  Should be pretty good times.  


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