Sep 2 2008 3:22 pm

RBF pro staff member confused, disoriented after too much good fishing and good beer

Dr. Wade Rivers doesn't have a real name.  But he does have a real blarg.  And it's one of the finest Pennsylvania trout blargs on the interwebs.  He even told me that Penn's Creek valley between Coburn and Weikert-ish was called Karoondinha Gorge by the original inhabitants (though I did tell him once that Baree Gorge is not called Rothrock Gorge).  That is information you can use people.  


Dr. Wade Rivers is a member of a consortium of fly fishers known as the RBF Pro Staff.  The RBF Pro Staff " an elite cast of fly fishing characters with unique and varied talents. The RBF Pro Staff was assembled by RatherBFishin aka Chief during the Big Woods Summit of 2006 along the banks of the First Fork of the Sinnamahoning after witnessing or otherwise learning of various ungodly fishing accomplishments. Flyrodder, for example, was selected for the ungodly accomplishment of fishing himself sober. Not to be confused with fishing with a hangover. Flyrodder was recently promoted to VP of Operations and remains Director of Sobriety Fishin."


The RBF Pro Staff just returned from what appears to have been a rather successful trip to Montana.  They, and Wade Rivers, have many beautiful pictures to prove it.  I suggest you go check them out.  


However, and this is where I have a bone to pick, one of their members claims that the beers in Montana are "...a bit finer than what we have here in PA."


Bullshite.  Giant bullshite.  


Now, some of you may well be aware of my great and sometimes irrational love for the state of Pennsylvania, a love that would lead me to argue that the fishing in Pennsylvania is better than in Montana.  Admittendly, this is a claim that might encounter some resistance.   But Pennsylvania has Montana roundly defeated in the brewing world.  I'm not saying that there aren't any good Montana beers.  There are.  I've had some of them.  But Pennsylvania is one of the top five or ten brewing states in our fair nation.  And Montana is not.


Check back soon for the beginnings of a contest: "The Greatest Town/City/Area in Our Fair Nation for Angling AND Imbibing Fine Ales and Lagers Contest."  I'll take a look at a couple places in some detail.  You tell me how wrong I am.  Harrisburg PA?  Yeah, I'll make that case.  Portland OR?  Seattle WA?  Overrated?  Yes.  Yes they are.


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