Jul 7 2009 10:08 pm

relic hemlock

Indiana doesn't have a lot of naturally occuring hemlock trees.  However, they do exist here and there in small pockets of river valley on north facing slopes.  Ice age relics, apparently.  I saw some today and it was nice.  Reminded of the greatest state in the nation.


I caught a lot of fish, but nothing of much size.  I connected with one toad, but after about a minute of running around the creek he spat the hook.  Probably would have been my biggest smallie this year.  Such is life.


Today's highlight was certainly the snake skin.  My brother and I invented a game we call "snakeskin or trash" a couple years ago on Penns Creek.  I've seen a lot of trash since then, but no snakeskins.  So this was kind of a big deal.


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