Aug 29 2010 7:00 pm

salmon and the Phillies

It’s like losing four in a row to the fucking Astros.  I’m the slumping slugger going 0 for 10 in the middle of an eight game home stand.  The Stumper comes up and in the first three hours sticks and lands one on the fly.  The knuckleballer bats a thousand because he only bats once in a blue moon.  It’s the goddamn American League around here.

Raul Ibanez looks like a turtle without a shell.  We can’t win one against shit but bring on the best in the west and we sweep ‘em.   I guess steelhead season will be good to me. 

I discovered Nelson’s Frontier Market the other day: Thundersticks, Maxima, Daiichi and Mustad, homebrewing supplies, clam juice, cereal, and by far the largest selection of craft beer in Ludington.   They even stock one of my favorite double IPAs all the way from Pennsylvania: Stoudts DIPA.  Sure it’s $16 a six pack, but you get what you pay for.  Every DIPA should be so well balanced, so juicy and plump.  Kind of like Alexis Texas drinking grapefruit juice in a grove of pine trees in the middle of a pretty intense logging operation.  The backhoe operator stops his rig and stares.

I also discovered that Great Lakes whitefish is as meaty as sockeye and about half as expensive so you don’t feel so bad about eating it fried.


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