Jun 1 2009 2:04 pm

sexual chocolate

Cuba Gooding Jr. was in Coming to America, believe it or not, getting his hair cut in one of the first scenes set in New York.  


Central Indiana had some wicked weather pass through on Saturday night, perhaps you heard about it on the Weather Channel?  I heard about it on NBC while I was attempting to watch the hockey.  Looked like it passed just north of where we were planning to fish on Sunday.  I checked the gauge Sunday morning, looked good.  Dodged a bullet there, I thought.  Started fishing on Sunday and the water was a bit off-color but not bad.  By 3 or 4 in the afternoon it was pretty bad.  So we ran upstream about 12 miles where it was even worse.  Weird, huh?  The gauge is pretty far downstream, but still, why did it take almost 24 hours to start coming up?  Needless to say, the fishing wasn't so hot.  But I managed a few.


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