Jun 4 2010 8:36 pm

slimming down the cellar for the move

Lots of shit had to go.  They apparently recommended aging L’Vapeur Saison for “some days or better weeks.”  How about 16 years?  Turns out 16 years is too long.  The bottom part of the cork was a shade rotten and the beer was flat.  Very sharp and cidery on the nose, but actually fairly mellow on the palate, a little sharp and a little sour, surprisingly still showing a distinct sweet malty foundation, though quickly fading to an unpleasant metallic finish.   After a few pulls you notice the scum on the surface of the beer and a distinct lingering organic rot in your mouth.  We dumped most of this beer.

Iron Hill (West Chester) Saison (2007?) was still quite lively in the glass with a dense head and vigorous carbonation.  Appropriately dry and on the restrained side in terms of spice and fruit, but with a noticeable bit of bubble gum character.

Founders Devil Dancer (2005?) had mellowed out a lot.  When I first had this beer it was scathing.  Incredibly intense hop bitterness.  It is now pushed flat into a kind of mat of black licorice flavor.  This could pass for a good barley wine.  

Yaniv is squatting on the fancy Upland.  Off to Idaho in the morning.  Michigan on the 12th.


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