Feb 10 2010 12:40 am


Yaniv was kind enough to bring over two very fine bottles of bourbon this evening: Pappy’s 15 and Parker’s Heritage.  The latter is quite expensive and is about as distinctive a bourbon as I’ve ever consumed.  It is huge and hot like a wide shouldered wrestler clothed in Velcro.  Pappy’s 15 is considerably smoother with a pronounced honey sweetness and a luscious mouth feel.  Maybe I’m just getting soft.  

I was kind enough to produce a couple marabou intruders and stroke them incessantly. 


And in other fancy writing news, did you see the article on fly fishing for pickerel in the last New Yorker?  Sure, there was the obligatory sentimental dying-father bit, but it was a good story.  Reminds me of the time they ran the story on so-called "extreme brewing."  Ah, the halcyon days of fishbeer.


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