Sep 5 2008 9:57 am

Socrates was a badass

I'm teaching Introduction to Philosophy this semester.  There will be many choice quotes to relate to you, dear reader.


These two are from Plato's Phaedo.


Socrates while on death row, to show you how he pull off that whoride:


"What else, Socrates, said Crito, but what the man who is to give you the poison has been telling me for some time, that I should warn you to talk as little as possible.  People get heated when they talk, he says, one should not be heated when taking the poison, as those who do must sometimes drink it two or three times.


Socrates replies: 'Take no notice of him; only let him be prepared to administer it twice or, if necessary, three times.'"



Simmias on philosophers:


"By Zeus, Socrates, you made me laugh, though I was in no lauging mood just now.  I think that the majority, on hearing this, will think that it describes the philosophers very well, and our people in Thebes would thoroughly agree that philosophers are nearly dead and that the majority of men is well aware that they deserve to be."

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