Feb 11 2009 10:06 pm

sour yaniv

Yaniv had plates of cheese and salami and lox and prosciutto.  He made mussels, fries, and peppered duck.  Phil amazed us with his homemade baguette.  And there was a wide selection of sour beers to sample.  Sunday beer tastings are going strong here in Bloomington. 

Struiselensis Wild Belgian Ale- quite pale with big, funky Brettanomyces in the nose.  Dry punch of tartness on the palate.  Cidery.  But quite mild.  Very nice.

Oud Beersel Oude Kriek Vielle- expiration date 2024.  Muted tart cherries in the nose, but underwhelming.  Awesome bruised purple plum color.  Kind of disappointing on the palate.  Tart but not intense.  Astringent, lingering finish.

Oud Beersel Oude Kriek Vielle- expiration date 2022.  More lively flavors than the younger one and less astringent.  Still not very fruity though.  I remember sampling this same year a while ago and thinking that it showed much more intense cherry character.

Lost Abbey Cuvee de Tomme- raisins in the hot nose.  Quite intense, complex flavors that taper off to a pleasing, sharp sourness.

Mikeller It’s Alive!- malts or herbs in the sharp nose.  It’s like chewing on a stick.  Finishes astringent.

Avery and Russian River Collaboration not Litigation- big malts in the nose, more like a barleywine.  Not very sour.  A medium sweetness finishes well with sturdy malt character.  Went well with the 85% cocoa chocolate. 

Lost Abbey Sinner- quite dark garnet color.  Brett in the nose.  Quite sour on the palate.  Not as much malt character as I was expecting from the color. 

Arbor Brewing Velvet Hammer- huge, crusty head.  Nice nose with a prickly, lactic sourness.  Kind of bready in the finish. 

Panil Barrique 2005- my favorite of the night.  Sweet nuttiness with sharp, metallic edges.  When I first had this beer a few years ago I was blown away.  I wasn’t blown away this time, but it was still a stand out. 

New Holland Blue Sunday- far less sweet than when we had this bottling last June.  The wee beasties have done their work under the cork.  Some malt character. 

Cantillon Lou Pepe 2002- by far the most intense beer of the night.  The intense acidity stripped the slickness from my teeth and made them grate against each other like rocks.


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