Sep 23 2010 9:02 am

Steve's not afraid to leave Mason county

Her face makes me forget the ways she’s a mammal.  And the way her overalls hang open on the sides to expose the pale outlines of ribs.  She’s so skinny with life and full of disappointment.  Chock full of disappointment and doubt and dread.  Like a human.   

It’s how I drive east at 6:00am and pass all the other drift boats going west.  Then around 6:00pm I’m going west and they’re going east.  How about we trade trips and all drive less?

It’s how a big salmon comes out of the dark water to whack a Thunderstick.  They’re so full of madness.  Chock full of madness and hormones and the only outline you can discern under their taught skin is muscle. 

It’s how waving a sprig of hops and barley over laundry water doesn’t make a compelling beverage.

It’s how my hands are dry and sometimes when I tighten a knot the line slices into my skin and it hurts with a great vengeance and furious anger. 

It’s how mine is definitely not the one that says Bad Mother Fucker, but I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd. 


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