Jul 20 2009 12:27 pm

summertime wiper gheenoe sinking line mission

Well, it was more than a year ago, and I had to drive to the north side of Indy for a good local fly shop.  The funny thing is, there was another Bloomingtonian there who was also named Matt.  It's not funny that his name was Matt.  It's funny he was also from Bloomington.


We chatted for a bit about fishing together, exchanged info, but nothing ever came of it.  Then on Saturday he came into my shop and the next thing I knew it was Sunday at 4:45am and I'm making strong coffee. 


The thing about Matt is that he has the Lake Monroe wipers pretty dialed in.  Even in late July he can get on the fish.  It's no mean task when they're deep.  You need electronics and you need to run around the lake alot and you need to know where to look. 


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