Apr 6 2011 8:14 pm

tax pig

Tax returns are the planer boards of life.  Unless there is a government shutdown.  In which case, I’m fucked.  The Pere Marquette is blown but I went and ripped streamers for browns anyway.  Everybody thought I was crazy.  Yeah, crazy like a fox catching big browns.

I’ve got Bigfoot going back to 2001.  Popped a 2007 from the cellar because I can’t afford High Life any more.  Developed a nice molasses character both in the nose and on the palate.  Body is still there 100%.  Still quite syrupy and sweet.   Still very bitter.  But the hop character has completely fallen apart.  It’s got no punch, no edge.  Just a kind of dry, leafy flavor with intense lingering bitterness.  Not bad.  Interested to try some of the older ones. 

Browns in the surf tomorrow.  Because since when do guides actually work peak steelhead season?  Browns browns browns.


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