Oct 7 2011 7:21 pm

technically salmon

Technically, I’m lying to myself. But it’s even worse than that. I’m lying to myself about things that matter. Though technically the things that matter aren’t exactly true themselves. They’re not lies, technically, but not true either. They’re further entrenched beliefs. They’re just closer to the core of my web of beliefs because they’re more indispensible to me getting on with life. I make them up or hear them somewhere and then shove them down deep into the bowels of my personal story, slowly or rapidly assimilating them with my other beliefs in an uneasy shuffling of the pieces.


Though technically, I never much bought into that confirmation holism bullshit.

Can you imagine what it must feel like to be a big male salmon, to swim one hundred miles, to grow big teeth longer every minute, to find oneself in shallow water surrounded by other males all around a female ripe with eggs? Can you imagine if male humans ejaculated every time a woman near them ovulated? Have you ever rowed over a hole so stuffed with salmon that they don’t all fit inside? When you row over them they enter into this uneasy shuffling and bleed out onto the sand bars and slowly seep back together into the darkness?


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