Jul 7 2008 11:35 am

the biannual meeting

The Juniata College Alumni Biannual Meeting of Philosophy and Leisure went off without a hitch.  Yes, the cabin did smell strongly of fish and the fishing could have been better.  But we did manage to each drink an entire shelf of beer at Boxer's, our favorite bar from college, some more gracefully than others.  We managed to pound up a bunch of trout to Turk's Tarantulas which they thought were cicadas.  Only managed to land a couple, but I did catch my first Tiger Trout, a hybrid between a Brook Trout and Brown Trout.  I caught it on the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River a couple miles below Williamsburg.


We also fished the Little Juniata and some of Spruce Creek.  Our cabin was tucked back in a big bend on Spruce Creek right up against the ridge.  Unfortunately it was all private water, like much of Spruce Creek.


Ryan and Ian dialed in their fly casting quite quickly. I was impressed.  Chris has always had a good cast.  Ryan missed about eight or nine fish.  I wish they would have hooked up. 


On Thursday, after sticking trout on streamers the night before, I had a good couple hours of hooking up on Turk's Tarantulas whle I waited for the other guys to arrive.  The fish were killing the ciacadas.  Unfortunately, I took a serious fall in the river that morning, banged up my knee bad and my camera tok a swim in the process.  So I didn't get any pictures of the fish I caught that day.  But I'm happy to report that after drying the camera for a couple hours she fired right up.  That's the third time the camera has recovered from a serious soaking.  Though this time the back display doesn't work.  That's ok.  The view finder can display photos.


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