Feb 1 2010 8:33 pm

the goods UPDATE 2

T-shirts and stickers have arrived.  Check out the "buy stuff" tab at the top right of the page.  Huge props to my brother for getting the website in order.  Thanks again Adam.   


In other news, everyone here is synchronized with sickness, spewing their germs into the air like so much invisible spray paint.  A microbe raced through this town and I can feel my immune system struggling.

This is the meaning of community.  The way we share each other’s bacteria and viruses, accents and craft beer, fly patterns and favorite water, t-shirts and stickers.  How taut are these strings?  To what limit can they stretch before snapping, before contracting like a torn ligament, lost in a tight mess?  Where are the durable fibers reaching out in airplanes, dormant in mail, instant on the internet, imbued with the tenacity of our modern world?  Which ones matter and how big is this network?  What consequences does it have for introspection and understanding, for constructing the stories we tell ourselves about who we are?  I want these stories to be rocks, foundations for manipulating the world to my ends, but they usually turn out to be more like an articulated marabou intruder: looks great in the vise, but falls apart into a sloppy mess in the water and with desperation I smear it with the slime of frozen salmon roe.

Buy a t-shirt.  Slap a sticker on your Bugger Barn, your kegerator.  Stretch those durable fibers.  Tell everyone your story.


UPDATE: you are the best.  Mediums are sold out.  Only 4 larges left.  And behold below the blurry magic of the mysterious and highly sought after ladies' Fishbeer t-shirt.


UPDATE 2: Alex from FGFF sends along a few choice images.  I've posted the only one fit for a family oriented website like this one.


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