Jul 15 2008 1:35 pm

the Schmidt animal pack

Schmidt's premium lager gurgles spritzy from the can with a spring in it's step and raises a snow white head of foam an inch high.  It quickly settles into a ring of tiny bubbles ringing the glass, streams of carbonation traveling regularly from the bottom.  It's the color of apple juice.  Or Urine. 


The nose is clean like dry, split wood, almost dusty.  The palate is clean as well.  Almost perfectly clean.  It barely tastes like beer.  And at $5.99 a 12 pack I'd expect nothing more.  Malt and hops cost money. 


This Schmidts is not the Philadelphia Schmidts.  It's the Minnesota Schmidts.  From when Minnesota was the Northwest.  It's changed hands a lot in the last fifty years.  I think maybe now it's made by Pabst (so Miller brews it all as Pabst, I think, does all their contract brewing with Miller). 


Though I did see a Philadelphia Schmidts' can at the newly remodeled Victory brewpub where I also enjoyed many a glass of their fine unfiltered Braumiester pils.  Fresh, pungent, resinous leafy green hops dominate that one. 



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