Apr 11 2010 10:27 pm

Third Coast Fly UPDATE

I've started a new blog supported by Indigo Guide Service, my future employer in Michigan.  We're calling it Third Coast Fly because that is informative and confusing at the same time, and because it sounds kind of cool. 


I will be blogging like more of a normal person there.  Fishing reports, Youtube videos, Steve Martinez drinking a can of baked beans, etc.  It will be more regular.  It will be less vulgar.  I will be taking Fishbeer off of the internets for good on April 14th.  It is simply too dangerous for my professional reputation to maintain such a website. 


Psych.  Nothing will change.  Fuck.  Shit.  Crap.  Sour cream.  


It's almost muskie Monday.  I gots to go. 


Check out Third Coast Fly.  It will be almost as good as this website.


UPDATE the buffer memory of my incredulity- apropos our discussion about the fuck and the shit and the crap and the sour cream, please watch this music video by Reggie Watts.  It is simultaneously a good song and clever and funny.  He is a friend of my friend, Ms. Erika of Cougar Domination (no not that kind).  If you haven't already seen her homemade postcards she sends from China, you should check them out here.

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