Nov 20 2008 9:54 am

Thomas Wolfe on this great beverage

From "Look Homeward, Angel" first published in 1929.



"The summer came down blazing hot.  Gant arrived for a few days, bringing Daisy with him.  One night they drank beer at the Delmar Gardens.  In the hot air, at a little table, he gazed thirstily at the beaded foaming stein: he would thrust his face, he thought, in that chill foam and drink deep of happiness.  Eliza gave him a taste; they all shrieked at his bitter surprised face. 


Years later he remembered Gant, his mustache flecked with foam, quaffing mightily at the glass: the magnificent gusto, the beautiful thirst inspired in him the desire for emulation, and he wondered if all the beer were bitter, if there were not a period of initiation into the pleasures of this great beverage."

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