Jun 18 2009 8:03 am

Tuckaseegee Brewing Cooperative gets some ink

Prof. Seán O'Connell, the man who taught me how to use an autoclave, to swirl my beer glass obsessively, and that love is a four lane highway with only a few exits going northbound, has been planning a brewpub in Cullowhee NC for some time now.  At first I figured it was a pipe dream, the same kind of untenable fantasy that lingers like a toothache in most homebrewer's hearts.  But I should have figured better.  I think he's got permits.  Seán's the kind of guy that gets shit done.


"An idea for a brewery is also part of O’Connell and Cooper’s larger vision for turning Cullowhee into a college town. They predict that one day the town will be incorporated, allowing for the possibility of alcohol to be served there. By founding a brewery now, they’re staying one step ahead of the curve."


Read the whole article here.


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