Jun 7 2009 8:17 pm

two sizes of mouth

Waded for smallmouth yesterday and got out on the local warmwater today after some largemouth.  Picked up a couple small bucketmouths and a decent crappie, but nothing much of note.  Though it does have me thinking I need to get a kayak.  Anyone want to buy my pontoon boat?  I'm serious.  $1000.  Also, I've discovered that I won't really be using my TFO switch rod.  Just too much for my current needs.  I'm asking $200 for it, shipped.  Used three times.  Has some nice wiper under it's belt.  I have some nice wiper under my belt right now.  I put them in my pants.  Usually what I've done in the past when I'm depressed. 


Very best,

Matthew Dunn


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