Sep 28 2008 11:11 pm

wake up sober in the Cumberland Tailwater

The Cumberland Tailwater, Kentucky's most famous trout river, is a mere 4.5 hours south of Bloomington IN.  So Justin and I took the boat down this weekend to float the big water in search of trouts.  It was Justin's first time fly fishing.  He caught a trout.  Great success.


I wouldn't call the fishing slow, but I wouldn't call it fast either.  We caught six or seven fish and missed twice as many, enough action to keep us trying all day.  But honestly, I was expecting more.  Everybody seemed to have trouble though which makes me feel better. 


We floated from Wolf Creek Dam to Rock House, a little over 10 miles, and the first half or so was super crowded.  Tons of boats.  Big motor boats, canoes, rowboats, other pontoon boats etc.  The motor boats cruise up and down the river making waves. 


I wanted to get after the big browns but fishing streamers in that river without a sinking line was pointless.  It's deep.  We caught most of the 10-12" fish on a #20 Zebra Midge, but the top water bite picked up before dusk and we managed some browns on a Chernobyl Ant, thus freeing us of the super tangly midge dropper which was a relief.


Good, longish float, but I'll be back big trouts.  With a sinking line. 


The pictures with me in them are Justin's.  I done stole 'em. 



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