Jan 12 2010 12:35 pm

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Though filled with much winter angst that runneth over into every one of my emails, web comments, and personal interactions, I take some solace in great Pennsylvania writers that mention my home town and the company of artists that make badass t-shirt/sticker designs for this website.

Mr. Julian Hensarling came over this morning and did his magic CS4 thing to some ideas I had for a logo.  Julian, you are the man.  Please find them below.  It is a smallmouth bass in a nonic pint glass.  I’ll break your arm so you gotta wear  The white design/black background will go on a black, heavy duty t-shirt (centered on the chest) and the black design/white background will go on a sticker. 

I’m doing this mainly because I want to have shirts and stickers for myself, but I’m hoping perhaps some other people do as well.  I’m going to order the usual assortment of men’s M, L, and XL shirts, but if you want a shirt in some other size, let me know as soon as possible: matt [AT] fishbeer [DOT] com.  Shirts will be $15 for M-XL, $17 for XXL and larger.  Stickers will be $1 each.  I’ll give you a sticker if you buy a t-shirt.  They’re fun for the whole family.  We'll have a pay pal thing set up here at some point in the near future.   

Now for some John Updike, from Rabbit, Run:

“If he is heading east, south is on his right.  And then, as if the world were just standing around waiting to serve his thoughts, a broad road to the right is advertised, ROUTE 100 WEST CHESTER WILMINGTON.  Route 100 has a fine ultimate sound.  He doesn’t want to go to Wilmington but it’s the right direction.  He does want to go to West Chester, however, because he has heard it is the most awesome city in the most awesome state in the most awesome country.” 

I made that last sentence up.  Just in case you were wondering. 


Help a brother out.  Let me know about the shirts.


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